Tips For Preventing Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

by Administrator 21. November 2014 09:54

Runners and athletes often suffer from foot and ankle injuries during their training routines and while performing in the field. These injuries can be prevented if the athletes follow some precautionary measures and take extra care.

  • Warm up: The chances of foot and ankle injuries increase if the athletes and players start running without warming up. Warming up the muscles is crucial for anyone before exercising and you can do that by jogging, stretching and doing little exercise. Even after workout you must cool down for a few minutes.
  • Gradually build muscles and condition them: Athletes should make sure they slowly increase their activity or workout and gradually build up the muscles. The amount of time that you spend on the activity should not be abruptly increased; rather, you should increase the time over a period.
  • Wear comfortable and fitting shoes: If you regularly do running and fitness training make sure you get yourself a comfortable and well-fitted pair of athletic shoes. You should use shoes that are particularly designed for the sport. Also, it is crucial that you change your shoes after regular intervals.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces: While running you should make sure that you run carefully on rough terrains and avoid bumping on tree stumps, roots and holes. Always train on the surface that you will eventually run on and choose a surface to run. Be extra careful while running on hills to avoid any injuries during training.
  • Use a brace or tape: For preventing recurrent ankle injuries you should use a brace or tape for support. Try wearing protective gear during sports activities such as skating, soccer, etc. To reduce the risk of injury you can also use supportive splints.
  • Use correct technique: Whatever sport you choose you should make sure that you choose the right technique as using a wrong technique can put you at risk of an injury.
  • Avoid overusing the muscles: If you feel pain in your foot and ankle you should stop using your muscles and take some rest as overusing the muscles can lead to injuries. You should consult the foot surgeon to understand the reasons of pain and follow the instructions.

It is important that you stop the activity or modify it to avoid any foot and ankle pain and in case of injury, consult an orthopedic doctor and follow the period of rehabilitation and training before resuming the sports activities. Walking regularly improves circulation, reduces fatigue, increases flexibility, and leads to bone and muscle development.