Tips To Prevent Ankle Injuries

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The ankle joint connects three different bones – tibia, fibula and talus. Several ligaments and tendons hold these bones together and allow the foot to move upwards as well as downwards. The ankle supports the weight of the entire body and assists in activities such as walking, running, jumping etc. Ankle injury can be caused due to a fall, overuse, direct impact or trauma to any of the structures within the joint. It can lead to symptoms such as bruising, swelling, pain, visible deformity, protruding bone, numbness and tenderness.

Here are some tips to avoid an ankle injury:

  • Warm Up: Before participating in any strenuous activity, it is essential to perform warming up and cooling down exercises. It helps to prepare the body for the intense activity and prevent ankle injuries. Light stretching exercises or jogging can loosen your muscles and avoid sprains.
  • Proper Shoes: Wearing the right type of shoes provides comfort, support and protection to the ankles. They can prevent falls, slips and twists. The shoes should be of the right size and suitable for the type of activity. Sports such as football, basketball and golf require certain specific type of shoes to be worn.
  • Appropriate Weight: Being overweight puts excessive pressure on the ankle and increases the chances of injuring the ankle. It is beneficial to maintain a healthy weight to avoid straining the ankle.
  • Protective Gear: It is essential to wear protective gear to prevent falls, strains and sprains during strenuous activities. These can include an ankle brace, bandage, shin guards etc. The gear holds the ankle in the correct position and helps prevent any injury to the joint.
  • Surface Conditions: You should avoid walking on slippery or uneven surface, difficult terrains and loose gravel to reduce the chances of slipping or falling. Also, do not walk barefoot as wearing shoes provide support to the ankle and protect it from damage.
  • Rest: When playing a sport or doing a job that requires continuous walking, one must take regular breaks. This will allow the ankle muscles to relax and avoid sprains or strains.
  • Improve Balance: It is essential to indulge in activities that improve body balance and reduce the chances of a fall or injuring the ankle.

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